Industry Leading Fusion Construction

Stand up paddle board (ISUP) Fusion Construction

Fusion Paddle Board Construction

Double Layer iSUP Fusion construction is an industry leading manufacturing process for the most premium in inflatable stand up paddle board construction. Boards made with this advanced technology and manufacturing process hit the sweet spot when it comes to construction. Like all double layer constructed boards; rigidity, strength and durability are drastically increased over single layer boards. However with fusion you don't get all the added weight and complications that using adhesives brings into the mix. With fusion boards the second layer is heated and fused with the first PVC layer. Not using all those heavy adhesives allows the boards to be lighter and eliminates the issue of adhesives breaking down over time. As time wears on and adhesives naturally breakdown, this is when imperfections begin to develop in traditional dual layer boards. For the ultimate in long lasting lightweight durability, Solstice paddle boards is proud to make dual layer fusion our premier construction method of choice.

Why We Love Fusion

Durability - Having multiple layers of PVC fused together increases durability without relying on adhesives to maintain their hold over time. This ensures your board will perform great and maintain a nice cosmetic finish for a long time to come.
Lightweight - The fusion process cuts out just the right amount of weight to keep your board light for packing in, while not becoming too light. Maintaining the dual layer construction ensures the board won’t be so light that its heavily affected by wind and water currents.
Rigidity - With the two PVC layers becoming one, there is no give between layers. This leads to a nice rigid board and consistent performance you can rely on out on the water.
Solstice Paddle Boards, inflatable stand up paddle board fusion construction
1 - Nylon Drop Stitch: The key to inflatable boards that deliver hardboard-like stiffness. Tens of thousands of threads woven together that lock in place, allowing the board to be inflated to rock hard pressure and maintain the perfect desired shape.
2 - Base Cloth: This layer contains the nylon drop stitching that makes up the core of the board.
3 - First PVC Layer: Military grade PVC inner layer.
4 - Second PVC Layer: Second layer of PVC that becomes fused with the inner layer.
5 - Inner Side Rail: Heat pressed seam to create an airtight and waterproof seal along the side edge of the board.
6 - Outer Side Rail: Second side layer that provides added protection against UV rays and scratches.
7 - Large EVA Deck Pad: 5mm EVA deck pad. Great comfort and cushion underfoot that’s non-abrasive and extremely durable.

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