Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility

Committed to Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the outdoor environment. We strive to be a positive influence on our world, and that starts with taking responsibility for our own social and environmental footprints.

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Conservation & Sustainability


Transportation of our products from suppliers emits a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. We strive to ship every item by ocean, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 40x compared to air transport.


This year we launched the Eco-Campaign. It's an ongoing initiative aimed at raising funds for a local charity to help preserve our surrounding nature. With this initiative, 100% of the proceeds will go towards a local eco-charity.

Earth First

Small choices can have a big impact. We advocate for sustainable and eco-friendly choices in everything that we do. That includes thoughtful purchases, leave no trace ethics and sustainable living.

2025 Goal

Climate Neutral

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improving our world

Better Together

We've partnered with local charities to fulfill our own initiative aimed at improving our environment.

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charity spotlight

BC Conservation Foundation (BCCF)

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