Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Alberta

Best places to Stand up paddle board (ISUP) in Alberta

We've come up with a list of our top easy access locations in Alberta to Stand Up Paddle Board. All locations on this list are perfect for beginners to experienced paddlers. We would love to hear what you think and see your favorite pictures from around Alberta. Use the hashtag #SolsticeAdventures and share with us!

Barrier Lake

Barrier Lake Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Barrier Lake is a beautiful man made lake in Kananaskis and just a short drive from Calgary. The lake is easily accessed from the barrier dam day use parking lot just steps away. It includes a picnic area and numerous surrounding trails. Be sure to check the weather before you go as it can get pretty windy out there. On a nice summer day it’s beautiful surroundings and relative proximity to Calgary makes it a popular destination.

Canmore Reservoir

Canmore Reservoir Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Don't let the crowds scare you off, the beautiful colour and easy access makes this a great spot to get out on the paddle boards. It has calm water which is great for helping you practice staying stable on the board and maneuvering around the lake. It also has beautiful views of Ha Ling mountain and Grassi Lakes is just a couple of minutes down the road. All that paired with the beautiful town of Canmore, makes this a top spot to plan a paddle boarding trip.

Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Just a short drive from Banff is this picture perfect spot for a day of paddle boarding.  Stunning views of Mount Rundle with lots of facilities such as outhouses, picnic tables, and even a campground makes it hard to beat. Just in case all that is not enough, it's also dog friendly! The lake does tend to be calmer and a little warmer than some of the other glacier fed lakes in the area making it a great option for beginners.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise Stand up Paddle Boarding

The namesake of one of our signature boards, Lake Louise is an exceptional place to head out on the board. The vibrant turquoise blue water, surrounding Victoria glacier and numerous surrounding mountain peaks leaves no doubt as to why it is one of the most photographed lakes in the world. If you are willing to splurge on a once in a lifetime experience, the Fairmont hotel is right on the lake and an excellent way to get easy access to it. Alternatively there is a parking lot or bus shuttles to help you access the lake. Be sure to plan ahead as the popularity of the lake means they tend to fill up very quickly.

Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake Stand up Paddle Boarding

Waterton Lakes Provincial park offers some amazing scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. Grizzly bears are even often spotted near the far end of the lake. Cameron lake is a smaller and generally calmer lake than others in the area making it excellent for paddle boarding. Just be sure to check the weather before heading out as it is known for receiving the highest average annual precipitation levels in Alberta. Catching this lake on a nice day is surely an experience you won’t soon forget.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake Stand up Paddle Boarding

Peyto is another one of our namesake boards and is certainly a favorite. Situated alongside the icefields parkway, it fits right in with the incredible scenery encountered all along the drive and is certainly a highlight. From the viewpoint high above the lake you can get a great view of the lake and its stunning colour. The beauty of Peyto is undeniably up there with the most popular lakes in the rockies but is nowhere near as crowded. If you’re amongst the few who choses to make the short trek to the shoreline, you will likely be rewarded with the picturesque lake all to yourself.

The Bow River

Bowness Park Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Floating the bow is a favorite summer activity for many and a stand up paddle board is an exhilarating way to do it. Riding the moving water downstream on a paddle board can be a lot of fun for those with some experience on a board. There are some trickier sections and you may come across some rapids so be sure to have your life jacket on and a whistle with you, both are required for SUPing the bow. If you aren’t quite yet feeling up to full river riding, the Bowness park section has some much slower paced waters and plenty of facilities to plan the perfect summer day.

Lake Edith

Lake Edith Stand up Paddle Boarding

In Jasper National Park Lake Edith is easily accessible from the highway and a great place to go for a paddle in this iconic national park. With plenty of clear shallow sections where you can see down to the rocky bottom there is lots to explore. Capable of reaching water temperatures in the 16 degree range on a hot summer day, it is also warmer than many lakes in the area.

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Much like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is another one of the premier scenic lakes in Canada known for those glacier fed turquoise waters. It is not difficult to see why it is another popular paddle boarding destination of the Rockies. The amazing water in the valley of ten peaks makes for truly stunning scenery. It is a great place for early risers who can beat the crowds and enjoy a peaceful paddle on the lake early in the morning.

Lac La Biche

Lac La Biche Stand up Paddle Boarding

Known for its canoe circuit that covers three lakes over 38km, it is a great spot for people who want to try out multi day paddle boarding expeditions. Part of the circuit includes a couple locations where a short portage is required. The lack of moving waters makes this a great place for those with less experience looking to try out this type of ISUP activity. 

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