Portable Electric Pump

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We’re all for “work hard, play hard” but why work hard if you don’t have to. Instead work smarter and let our electric pump do all the work. With a rechargeable internal battery, these pumps stay true to the Solstice philosophy of delivering equipment designed with portability in mind. You’ll never have to worry about being within cords length of a vehicle again and have the freedom to let an electric pump do the work inflating your board from anywhere. Leave the hand pump behind and pack into that hidden lake then rest up once you get there while this pump gets to work. With a set it and forget it integrated pressure sensor, you'll never want to use a hand pump again. The pressure sensor can be set to the desired pressure and will shut off automatically when that pressure it reached to inflate the board perfectly every time. The integrated battery is large enough to fully inflate up to 3 boards on a single charge while the pumps deflate function will suction all the air out of the board for easy packing once you're finished.

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